Has Snowpiercer Peaked?

I was going to write this before the latest episode of ‘Snowpiercer’ came out on Netflix today, but I thought I’d give it another chance to capture my absolute attention like the first season did.

Warning – some spoilers are included.

The second season of Snowpiercer seems to have failed me as a fan, who was so excited for the story to continue, after the cliffhanger ending of Mr Wilford being alive and his boarding of the train. The mystery continued for me at first, wanting to know who Mr Wilford really is, why was he abandoned on his own creation and so many other questions which upon reflection – had been answered in Season 1. All we’ve learned in the past few weeks is that he’s a bit of a control freak, which seemed a bit unfulfilling, his character is literally someone who’s attempted to prolong human life. It’s a bit of a given.

Till’s new role as detective or investigator showed promise that new life might’ve been brought into the series, but for some reason there isn’t enough attention being given to that character. Instead, we’re left with some political discussions held by Layton, Melanie and Mr Wilford whilst they try to resolve their issues.

Unfortunately one of the most mysterious characters that they developed in Season one has recently been cast aside whilst she journeys for a way to reheat the earth off-screen. Is that what she’s doing? I could hardly tell you the plot at this point. It’s extremely disappointing to have Melanie disappear when one of the most entertaining parts of this season was building the relationship between her and her long-lost daughter. It seemed that there had been a significant breakthrough just before Melanie jumped off Snowpiercer in Episode three, and it will be interesting to see how the rest of that plays out, if both of them survive.

Although it seems that Snowpiercer likes to surprise us with bringing people back from the dead. Rather annoyingly, the Josie and Layton relationship came back to life in this series as it’s revealed that Josie survived her gruesome freeze attack by Melanie with extreme frostbite injuries. I just didn’t see the point in bringing her back, I loved her motherly role in Season 1 but it seemed so fitting that it ended there, as Layton and the others moved on with their lives. However, I have to say her only chance to completely recover in the Big Alice part of the train, is completely stupid but genius at the same time. Josie will have some interesting parts spying around there and reporting back to Layton for sure, but I just don’t see there being much to report.

The Big Alice part of the train has been widely covered, as the action switches from each faction to display the difference in life that the two live. Mr Wilford appears in comfort and luxury whilst his loyal employees strive for fresh food like poor peasants. Sean Bean does an excellent job at maintaining this tyrant role, he really is destined to play any bad guy that can provide a really good death scene, and as Bean stars in this series – I expect him to die at some point. I honestly hope he can save this series at some point, because it feels like they’re running out of ideas, his cruel nature and need to be in control can have so much more to offer than convincing people to commit suicide. It’s incredibly dark and it works but there needs to be another angle.

We’re only around halfway through the season so I won’t continue to point out every little minor detail that has bugged me. The first season has proved to be miles better in terms of plot, character development and the mystery that surrounds the train, so I hope this season has a strong finish to live up to it’s name. I hope that Snowpiercer didn’t peak in the first season and it doesn’t continue on this downwards trend.

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