Lara Stuns Warrington

Styles make fights. So we’re told time and again in boxing, the potential to expect the unexpected, when an underdog scores one of the biggest upsets in recent years. Last night Mauricio Lara did just that against former IBF World champion Josh Warrington.

It wasn’t a case of a lucky punch or injury stopping the fight, Lara simply proved himself to be too good and too tough for Warrington. The Leeds Warrior showed signs of ring rust and inactivity in the first few rounds as expected, but next to no one expected the Mexican to run away with the win last night. Lara set the pace and controlled the fight from the off, producing a typical come-forward Mexican style which was guaranteed to deliver fireworks against Josh Warrington’s usual entertaining self.

Disaster struck for the Englishman in the fourth round when a series of punches sent him crashing to the canvas, only to rise on unsteady legs. It would’ve been smart to end it there, we’ve seen enough fighters go out on their shields and this was not a time to see it. Warrington looked out of sorts and couldn’t find anything to counteract the brilliant aggressive technique of Lara. However he bravely fought on, making it to the ninth round.

It’s easy to pick apart the reasons for Warrington’s loss – inactivity, motivation, overlooking his opponent – the list goes on. I think it simply came down to tactics, Warrington was always going to be beaten at his own game against someone who can really wallop. The heavy-handed Lara found the openings in the ninth session, putting Warrington down and Howard Josh Foster finally called an end to the contest.

Those are the type of fights that add a lot of mileage, Warrington will no doubt learn from that defeat but, do I expect him to come back from this? I’d like to say it was just an accumulation of problems that Warrington faced and he can run it back with the Mexican to avenge his sole defeat. I’d like to say that, but the defeat looked so humbling it’s hard to find a way for Warrington to win so soon in the aftermath of last night.

A rematch clause was included with the guarantee that Lara’s next fight will be under Matchroom. Only time will tell if Warrington still has what it takes or if a new star has been born.

Published by Chandler Waller

24-year-old boxing writer and blogger. Putting my thoughts out there daily. Check out fight for my interviews.

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