Snowpiercer Season 2 Review: The Suspense is Back

Despite it’s disappointing slow start, Snowpiercer’s second season left us wanting more with an ending no-one expected.

⚠️ Warning – this does contain spoilers. ⚠️

I’m happy I don’t have to slate Snowpiercer, as I had previously touched on the Netflix series a few weeks ago in a bad light. It was indeed a slow start, and it felt like the end was near for a series I enjoyed so much. Mr Wilford had boarded the train and soon squirmed his way into control of the train that he helped create. That’s where the second season started, we were left with finding out more about Mr Wilford and less about Melanie and her daughter. It was upsetting, but that didn’t mean Snowpiercer was giving up on it’s passengers.

Slowly over time, the brilliant Sean Bean managed to captivate us and strike real hate into our hearts for the way he treated the other characters in the series. The man is cruel and manipulative but clever, and finding his way back to the top of the food chain proved vital to the series’ success. I enjoyed learning more about the twisted mind of Mr Wilford, and I expect this will be looked into further when the third season arrives.

Melanie’s disappearance halfway through the season was a huge thumbs down from me. As I previously stated in another post, the series lost one of it’s most intriguing characters by sending her off in the hopes of life off-train. The difficulties she struggled with whilst isolated was interesting, showing the sheer desperations that we humans turn to in our time of need, much is the tale and deeper meaning behind the series. Melanie is an awesome character, and in the final episode we find out that she was unable to board Snowpiercer a second time, leading to her death. That was awful, because Melanie is a character that everyone can get behind and it doesn’t give me high hopes for the next season. Alex and Layton were unable to find a body, still we have to assume the worst.

Layton finally grew some balls and took a stand against Mr Wilford, which felt like it took forever. However the acting from Daveed Diggs; realising there is nothing he can do to stop Mr Wilford from taking full control of the Snowpiercer was perfectly caught. A look of a lost puppy, whilst also expressing the anger and hate that we all have for Mr Wilford. In my opinion, he’s redeemed himself with the season’s finale – I honestly foresaw a death scene coming. Now alongside Ben, Alex, Josie and Till, they’re ready to take back Snowpiercer and try and return back to life as we know it today.

On another note, the separation of the train through the destruction of the aquarium was pure genius! It was exactly the kind of cliffhanger and monumental event that the series needed. Now, there’s hope for mankind, and a chance to make things right. Ruth and others stuck on Snowpiercer leaves us with that suspenseful taste in our mouths worrying about them, but things are starting to look up after a mostly dark and twisted setting.

Rating: 6.5/10.

You’ve got to understand that the failing of carrying on the momentum from Season one’s finale was pure dog shite, and for that it comes nowhere near what I would rate the first season. Things eventually got better, but it’s clear Snowpiercer’s time is running out and the third season should be the last.

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