The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Season Finale Breakdown: The Power Broker Revealed!

In the final episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, we saw everything cleared up in Sam and Bucky’s separate storylines, as well the duo successfully saving the world. However, there are still dark forces at play.

Sam and Bucky managed to stop the Flag Smashers from their terrorist attack on the GRC vote, where we got to see the new Captain America’s wings and suit in full glory. Throughout the battle that our heroes partook in, we finally got the confirmation that we’ve been waiting for: Sharon is the Power Broker.

During that reveal, we see Sharon and Karli talk about a potential team-up before rudely interrupted by Baltroc, who tries to blackmail the Power Broker – only to be shot and killed with relative ease. Karli, in reaction shoots Sharon right as Captain America walks in, which was highly convenient.

Sam and Karli engage in conflict, with Sam in a more defensive role until he is at gun point. Luckily, Sharon is there to save him, and herself from being revealed as the Power Broker.

In the mid-credits scene, we see Sharon has been accepted by the U.S. government with open arms and can resume her activities as the new Agent Carter. Whether this means, we will see the web series revived in some way is still to be revealed. However, Agent Carter is seen on the phone exiting the court talking about how there’s plenty of opportunity to sell what she’s about to have access to.

It’s difficult to idealise where the Power Broker addition goes from here, as Sharon Carter is hardly the most menacing character in the MCU. There could be something bigger afoot, notice how we didn’t hear another voice from the phone call? Perhaps there’s someone else we’ll be introduced to in the near future. All we know for certain now, is that Sharon Carter will be acting as a double agent, which is a unique viewing position for us to have as fans leading into future MCU projects.

The Full episode breakdown will be available on the YouTube, Spotify and Facebook channels later.

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