The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode Five Breakdown: Who is Val?

On Friday, the latest Disney+ episode of ‘The Falcon And The Winter Soldier’ cleared up some questions, whilst giving Marvel fans something new to get excited about.

The action resumed right where we left off in Episode four, with John Walker escaping the crime scene that he had left behind after avenging his sidekick Lemar/Battlestar. Our two heroes chased down US Agent to an abandoned warehouse where they engaged in a clash for the shield, in which we see the estranged Walker look crazier than ever claiming “I am Captain America” mid-fight. Sam and Bucky manage to take the shield off from Walker, injuring the former Captain America’s arm in the process.

Sam, now in the possession of the shield again, decides to pass on the Falcon’s wings to Torres, who will unquestionably take on the new role of Falcon.

Walker on the other hand, is stripped of anything he had before: military rank, Captain America status, pension and the shield. Shortly after his hearing, we come across the big cameo we were promised: Contesa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, or Val for short. There’s multiple possibilities for where Val can end up in the MCU, but my best bet is that we’ll see her next in Black Widow, trying to recruit Natasha Romanoff into her then-girl only group in SHIELD.

Val is a love interest of Nick Fury, who whilst at SHIELD recruits talented individuals for a secret program. If you haven’t guessed where this is going by now, it’s that Hydra could very much make a return as we previously expected in Episode one. It’s apparent by her approach to Walker, that Val is no longer a part of SHIELD, and definitely has some anti-hero ideas in store for US Agent. Furthermore, we could see Val as an ongoing character in the MCU popping in and out to make more additions to her team, with Doc Ock recently confirmed for Spider-Man: No Way Home – it seems that the MCU are taking those steps for a big team of villains.

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