Loki Trailer 2 Reaction & Breakdown

Yesterday saw the release of another glimpse into the upcoming Marvel series ‘Loki’, Chandler Waller breaks down the latest trailer.

If you haven’t watched the new official trailer, you can find it here.

We begin by seeing Loki dragged through a portal accompanied by a guard who holds the tesseract, so we can guess that this is following on from the split timeline that he started in Avengers: Endgame’s 2012.

Loki begins by narrating “I know what this place is, the time-keepers have built quite the circus” which lets us know that there’s trouble brewing in the multiverse! The Time-Keepers ensure that errors of the past are avoided by those from the future, they keep track of time lines… Obviously this is going to set up the upcoming Dr Strange 2 movie nicely, as we’re starting to get more and more teases about the multiverse.

Loki seems to have become a prisoner, with a collar around his next which looks very similar to ones that restrict powers in Deadpool 2. It’s hard to remember the last time Loki wasn’t imprisoned to be honest.

Owen Wilson graces our screens for the first time in the MCU as Mobius M. Mobius. The executive under the command of the Time-Keepers has had his fair share of interactions with characters from the Marvel comics, including Fantastic Four and She-Hulk. Will we get a mention or two from the professional Mobius? Unlikely, but we can hope.

Our antihero Loki is then dropped through a chute and into a chair where a stack of paper is pushed in front of him to sign. The paper lists everything he has ever said, which seems a bit short to me as Loki never knows when to shut up.

“We protect the proper flow of time” says Owen Wilson’s Mobius whilst describing the damage that Loki had done by running away with the tesseract in 2012. Loki now gets a chance to play hero as it’s up to him to help Mobius fix his mistake. Then we get a small glimpse of Loki and Mobius walking through a portal, which is difficult to make out where they went, but it has a kind of vintage feel to it. The old school festival maps sign in the background, the guy in the boiler suit, it makes me think that Loki has managed to disrupt the past as well as the future. So he made a big boo-boo.

Although Mobius stated that Loki would not get a weapon, we can see that he does manage to swap out his dog collar for his signature twin daggers. Next we get a split second look at what I believe to be Lady Loki, who is narrating at the time.

This is where it gets confusing because we’re unsure as to where Loki is causing havoc and kicking people out of windows from. “It is adorable that you think you could possibly manipulate me” says Loki whilst adjusting Mobius’ tie. Will Loki turn on the good guys once again only to realise his actions were wrong? Yeah sounds about right, but I expect there’ll be more twists and turns to look out for.

A small montage is played out before us featuring various unique locations, but he seems to have accompanied some friends who are holding him at knife point. Of course, Loki being Loki dons a smirk until he realises, but here we get to see his Loki for president badge as well as his crown, which looks shorter and trendier. During this, “you’re not big on trust, are you?” is said which pretty much epitomes Loki, will he ever learn? I think we can expect Loki to continue distrusting everyone and everything in this upcoming series. Of course, he is the version before helping Thor save the residents of Asgard, fight Hela and get choked out by Thanos.

“You can trust me” says Loki when sitting opposite Mobius in the canteen, who adds “I’ve studied every moment of your entire life, you’ve literally stabbed people in the back like fifty times.” A charismatic Loki replies “Well, I’ll never do it again” but it comes off very sarcastic, of course.

Overall, it’s hard to judge exactly how this will play out, but Loki is the god of mischief so he’ll be causing just as much trouble as he’ll be trying to fix it. The Time-Keepers mention was a brilliant addition to the trailer to give us some real direction of where the series might be heading. A lot will be left to your discretion, but we’ll cover more of this in the Marvel podcast in a few weeks.

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