The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Episode Three Breakdown: Power Broker Reaction, Theories & Predictions

In the previous episode we were left with the climax that Sam and Bucky were going to pay their old rival Zemo a visit. However this wasn’t much of a surprise for those of us who had been researching the series diligently before it’s release. We knew Zemo was going to make an appearance sooner or later.

‘Power Broker’ begins with US Agent and Battlestar infiltrating the safehouse that Smashing Flags visited in the previous episode. The unwanted heroes were too late of course, as Karli and her super-powered gang had moved on, and their protectors were unwilling to release any information on the group of super soldiers. Here, we get to see a glimpse of US Agent flip out again, which I think is coming together so well. He’s arrogant about the fact no-one is taking him seriously as the new Captain America – almost like he’s in the real world.

When the setting turns to Sam and Bucky, they’re in Germany to see Zemo who is still locked up. Amid a clever set up and explanation through the duo’s conversation, we see Bucky helped Zemo escape from his cell. The scene was done so well and showed attention to detail, with your ears paying close attention to Bucky’s description of the escape and Zemo following it to a tee, this all led up to a tickling encounter; when Sam realises what has happened and they’re reunited with Zemo.

Moments later it’s unveiled to us that Zemo actually has a decent bank balance under his name, and reveals his royalty heritage. Of course, he likes to stick the knife in about The Avengers ruining that with “their destruction of Sokovia” which Sam and Bucky don’t take too kindly. However the ex-villain is proving himself useful with transportation to Madripoor via private jet, where we soon learn that no-one from the Disney production team has been to Indonesia. The futuristic skyscraper setting with bright neon lights in the night sky was very unfitting, but I guess it makes sense being a fictional pirate island. I would’ve much preferred the rustic, busy streets of Indonesia that I know, yet it did look quite spectacular. Anyway the duo are forced to go in disguise here, with Bucky as his former self to help obtain information about the super soldier serum.

After an semi-unsuccessful attempt to find out where the super soldiers are coming from, the Falcon & the Winter Soldier are reunited with Sharon Carter. She’s been off the grid this entire time since helping Captain America and co. in Civil War. Sam feeling somewhat guilty for this, promises to make things right if she can lead them to the scientist who developed the serum. I find it baffling that Sharon has been off the grid the entire time, it’s almost like Captain America wasn’t meant to make out with the woman he truly love’s niece. Anyway, it’s great to have Sharon back and in this episode she’s truly awesome, kicking ass left right and centre.

Whilst we get to see Sharon in action, Zemo and the duo are interrogating Wilfred Nagle, the super soldier serum creator where it’s revealed that the Power Broker has put a price on Karli’s head for stealing all of the serum. Now we know who the text message is from, and that the Power Broker deals in Bitcoin – my kinda guy! We also find out that Nagle was hired by HYDRA and then the CIA to recreate the serum, although this time without any bugs, tailored to work on anyone. When the snap hit, Nagle became dust and five years later the Power Broker compensated him to continue his experiment. Twenty vials were created in total, but Karli is in possession of all of them.

Things get a little heated as the ship container they’re in catches fire after a big explosion, and Zemo being the anti-superhero crook we remember shoots the scientist. Zemo gets out of sight, Sharon and the duo team up, but due to their inability to work together, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier end up arguing whilst barricaded under heavy fire. Zemo surprisingly makes a rescue operation of this, killing the surrounding soldiers and picks up his new friends in a classic car. I’m unsure on how Zemo is playing things, he’s still a bit mental, but also maybe he’s not as bad as we thought he would be in this series. It feels important to mention that upon climbing into the back of the car, Sam says “You’re not going to move your seat up, are you?” with Bucky replying “No” leaving myself and I’m sure many others in a small fit of laughter.

Back in Riga, Karli is up to no good, whilst admitting her fear of the Power Broker hunting her down. However that fear can’t be too big as she’s stealing supplies from the GRC building – followed by a car bomb to set fire to it. She’s getting too out of hand now, but in this section we see a small bit of a motive for her; being someone she knows on their deathbed. I don’t know if that’s enough to sympathise for the girl, she’s simply getting too big for her boots.

US Agent aka the Marvel fanbase’s most hated character, is getting more irritated at no success in his mission of bringing down the Smashing Flags organisation. He mentions to Battlestar that he might result to different measures, with his reasoning being that no-one cares about the how. More on this in Predictions!

At the end, we see Bucky veer off course from Sam and Zemo, saying that he’ll catch up with them. Bucky picks up what I remember to be a Wakanda bead, and begins following a trail of them until he meets Royal Guardian Ayo. “I was wondering when you were going to show up” Bucky says to her, with Ayo replying “I’m here for Zemo”. Earlier in the episode it was mentioned that the Wakandans have not forgiven Zemo for his actions resulting in the death of King T’Chaka, so it was only natural that someone would show up after his break out.

Rating: 6/10.

It was a good episode, but nothing too fancy to give it a higher rating. I wouldn’t go as far to say it’s losing it’s momentum but it’s starting to come together with just a few small mysteries left to unravel. The next episode will likely prove very interesting for Zemo’s character and who the Power Broker is.

Fans Theories

So the episode was named after him, yet we never got to see his face. All I know is Power Broker wants a bunch of super soldiers, and he has a lot of money (likely due to his Bitcoin investing). Thankfully, the internet gave me some answers.

Power Broker is also known as Curtis Jackson, who has a knack for funding illegal organisations and a strong affiliation with ‘The Corporation’. There’s also some link to Red Skull, which poses a lot of questions on this character – direct relationship to the former head of Hydra? Is Power Broker a super soldier himself with extended long-life? He may also have some involvement with Sharon, who after all, has been on Madripoor for some time. I’m very excited for the reveal of his character and the possibilities that it could lead to.


Just a few to put out there, by following on from the Power Broker theory, I’m curious if Sharon will gain any super powers. Not that she needs them, but at the moment, going up against eight super soldiers – they are quite seriously outgunned. It could prove vital to the team completing their mission, as well as the potential for Sharon Ventura a.k.a She-Thing to enter the MCU, making way for Fantastic Four’s involvement. Although that seems a bit far-fetched but I like to dream.

I think it’s a pretty standard prediction but, Zemo will likely turn on the duo in due course. Especially now with Wakanda’s interruption, I doubt the Baron is going to turn over and let you tickle his belly. He’s shown to go back to his old roots with the killing of the scientist, I think it’ll go further and show some connection to the Power Broker.

Finally, in this episode US Agent showed further signs of his arrogance and irritation. The whole “no-one cares about how things are done” line in this episode shows he’ll stop at nothing to become the new Captain America. I think that includes taking a super solider serum, after all there are twelve unused vials knocking about, and who’s to say one or two won’t get mixed up in the firefight we’re expecting down the line.

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