Alexander Povetkin vs Dillian Whyte 2 Preview and Prediction

Chandler Waller looks ahead to tonight’s highly anticipated rematch between Alexander Povetkin and Dillian Whyte.

In their first encounter at last year’s FightCamp, it seemed that the writing was on the wall for Alexander Povetkin, until a thunderous uppercut sent Dillian Whyte crashing to the canvas. However, that wasn’t all she wrote for this heavyweight duo.

Seven months have passed and the two giants will cross swords once again in Gibraltar. Whyte is eager to redeem himself and exact his revenge, whilst Povetkin has boasted improvements of his defence, which faltered in the first fight.

Sadly, whilst we see and hear the Brixton banger’s dedication to win tonight, the weigh in showed the Russian’s lack of. Povetkin is also an old dog of war, which we’ve seen is starting to take its toll in the latter stage of his career.

Dillian Whyte has improved over the past few years, but the gap he leaves in his guard has not changed. It’s a bad habit which makes him very susceptible to uppercuts. However, in this fight I expect Whyte will utilise his jab fully and stay away from those close encounters, and exchanging blows with Povetkin.

Time and patience will get Whyte the win here, the Russian will tire in the later rounds, allowing Whyte to capitalise and land a sickening left hook to end the fight in the tenth session.

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