The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Episode Two Breakdown

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier’s recent episode featured the reunion of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, but also forcing them into an unwanted cooperation with the new Captain America, who we now know is US Agent.

The reunion, if we can really call it that was slightly disappointing, but on the other hand we expected it to be underwhelming so what can you do. The duo teamed up after seeing the news of a new Captain America announced, who is rapidly making his appearances as a so-called hero. Falcon and Winter Soldier manage to track down Smashing Flags and manage to get themselves involved in a firefight. Unfortunately Smashing Flags has more than one super soldier, leaving our heroic duo outgunned and outmanned, until our fake Captain America enters to save the day. Obviously he didn’t, but that would’ve really annoyed us, wouldn’t it?

This series is certainly living up to it’s action-packed expectations that everyone was harbouring and it was refreshing to see a pair from the Avengers beat, that wasn’t the heart-wrenching journey of Infinity War. I like seeing them lose fights like this, because I wonder how they will improve.

Anyway, after Sam, Bucky, US Agent and his companion Battlestar get their arse kicked, we’re treated to some insight from the Flag Smashers. They come across as genuine helpless people and actually seem scared when they realise they’re being hunted already… Duh? However, the most interesting part of this for me was seeing the leader Karli’s text message reading “You took what was mine, I’m going to find you and kill you.” I wonder who this could be? Well, as we learned a little later on, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes weren’t the only super soldiers created. I definitely think that message has something to do with the super solider serum they’re currently abusing.

Which brings us to our next point, there’s more than one super solider. This was confusing due to the nature that he surfaced in the Korean War and fought Hydra’s Winter Soldier. Something doesn’t add up, because it seems like we should’ve heard of this super solider at some point, right? Queue the racism theory that this theory will focus on – Isaiah mentions that he was put in a prison, which means that he was kept away from the limelight and tested on, and likely became the sole reason more super soldiers are out and about stealing from banks in Switzerland. This theory is further backed up when Sam and Bucky are having an argument, only for police officers to antagonise Sam and force the blame on him in an unwanted scenario.

It’s then found out that Bucky has missed his therapy session and must be arrested, but fear not because Captain America saves the day (the new one that everyone hates, that is). Bucky is released on the condition that he does a therapy session immediately with Sam, in which I thought was brilliantly done involving a staring contest between the two and a heated debate on Sam’s decision to give up the shield.

By this point, we’re getting a bit fed up of Captain America and his browning, but this is done perfectly to try and fill in the character that becomes US Agent, and it’s moving fast! He’s shows some signs of irritation when Bucky and Sam once again refuse to cooperate with him, meaning that we could see his change as soon as the next episode! Sam will no doubt have to cross shields with America’s new hero and redeem himself.

Finally, we’re told that Bucky and Sam are going to visit Zemo, which was a disappointing ending as we already knew Zemo would be in the series. It’s likely that the former enemy of the state will now team up with Falcon and Winter Soldier to bring down the remnants of Hydra. We’re sure they’re still alive and kicking!

I kind hope that Steve Rogers will make some sort of return, if just a cameo but I know how unlikely that is. One, he may be dead, and two my sources tell me Chris Evans really hated being Steve Rogers, which is sad. Still, a boy can dream.

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