Jamie Foxx Confirms Mike Tyson Biopic Underway

In what has become years of anticipation, the Mike Tyson biopic we’ve all been waiting for featuring Jamie Foxx is set to go ahead.

I thought it was a strange coincidence how just the other day I won Django Unchained on eBay for 17p. Random things like this are usually signs for me to take, it’s like I know something is coming. After all, as ludicrous as it sounds, when was the last time you bought a DVD or anything for that matter at 17p?

I wanted to watch Jamie Foxx in that role of Django again, with the brilliant directing of Quentin Tarantino. It reminded me of this time Jamie Foxx said he was going to play Mike Tyson in a film – I had completely forgotten, because this idea had gone on for so long. I’m pretty sure it first began when I was at university, which now seems a lifetime ago as I’m about to head into my 25th year.

On Tuesday evening, I learned that the project has had some progress. However there is no trailer, teaser or anything of the sort. I can reveal some very minor details, which will have to keep us interested for now.

Antoine Fuqua, who worked on the brilliant Southpaw movie featuring Jake Gyllenhaal, will direct, alongside Martin Scorsese as an executive producer. I’m unsure how that partnership will unfold, but I hope it’s for the best. You usually wonder how two big names will work together, and sometimes it can come off as a little much, I hope that’s not the case here.

I’ve also understood that this will no longer be on the big screen, as Foxx, Tyson and crew set their sights on the streaming services. I think it makes sense, Tyson has such a long, gripping story to try and explain in a few hours, and the popularity of web series is ever-growing. Whilst I would have very much liked to experience a Mike Tyson feature length film at the cinema (for the first time), I can understand why this decision has been made, with excitement to see it still just as high.

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