No Contact For Hunter

The hopes of a Hunter-Hrgovic IBF final eliminator coming to fruition seem uncertain, after the American stated that he had received no contact since the fight was ordered.

There are many reasons to get excited by sport, just as there are many disappointing moments. In boxing, it’s ebb and flow with good news one week and bad news the next. Michael Hunter vs Filip Hrgovic was ordered by the IBF on February 23 for the No.1 mandatory spot. Upon hearing the news, boxing fans rejoiced at the potential of another giant heavyweight clash. However, even though both fighters accepted the fight, we know by now that doesn’t mean the fight is done. Only until an official confirmation is given does the fight seem set in stone to happen.

I’ve often wondered the strictness on final eliminators, eliminators, mandatories and anything of the sort. There always seems to be a way around these, which in one perspective I see as damaging to the sport, in another I see it as rewarding. After all, if we could’ve had Anthony Joshua bypass Kubrat Pulev to face Tyson Fury in an undisputed showdown, I don’t think anyone would complain bar a few proud Bulgarians. Hunter-Hrgovic on the other hand, is a fight we most definitely don’t want to let slip.

It might not be the level of strictness, but I certainly think it plays a factor. The fight between Michael Hunter and Filip Hrgovic is now expected to go to purse bids, but this just means we will wait longer for the fight to happen. If all goes well, we should see this fantastic heavyweight matchup, and for a final eliminator I think it’s fair to say it’s better than most we’ve seen in the past.

The no contact for Hunter is worrying, and I’m still unsure of what to make of it. Hrgovic’s team know they need to make this fight, but they also know the danger that boogeyman Michael Hunter brings. At the end of the day, hopefully it goes to purse bids and Triller will amaze us once again with a maddening bid that neither man can refuse. Money is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

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