The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Episode One Breakdown

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s debut was successful by all means, featuring high-action fight scenes, beginnings of emotional journeys and symbolic easter eggs.

The new Marvel series opened up with Sam Wilson a.k.a The Falcon unsure of continuing the legacy of Captain America. It follows through to The Falcon’s return to the United States Air Force. Here, for the next ten minutes, we finally got to see the Avenger in full ass-kicking action as he soared through the air, using lasers to open plane hatch doors, and trading blows with UFC legend Georges St Pierre. We’re used to small snippets of The Falcon in past movies, usually for a comical reference so it was great to see how he really operates in fight scenes.

After successfully completing his rescue op, Falcon returns back to the states and decides to give up the shield that was passed down to him by Captain America. This is what I found funny off the bat, that the person taking the shield from Sam said “thanks for coming forward, you did the right thing”. I got bad vibes, I don’t think it’s quite the same level as Hydra, but we’ll touch on that more in a little bit.

When the show turns to bucky’s storyline, The winter soldier is partaking in a sokovian accord mandated therapy session. He’s having flashbacks and nightmares about his time under Hydra’s control, and soon we find out that one of his friends, an old Japanese man by the name of Yori, is actually the father of young man he once killed. bucky is on a mission to make amends for past crimes against the families of those he has killed and people that once controlled him.. What I did notice, is that Zemo’s name is on the list that Bucky keeps track of all these people, meaning Bucky still wants revenge for what the Sokovian did to him in Civil War, which could produce some interesting moments later in the series.

In Switzerland, a bank is about to be robbed by the Flag Smashers terrorist organisation that Falcon’s RAF buddy Torres is looking into. It’s unclear who the burly man was who jumped out of a building with two duffel bags and broke Torres’ orbital bone with relative is, but one thing is certain – there’s another super soldier in town.

Amidst the possibility of his family’s business going broke, Sam was unsuccessful in securing a loan to keep his family’s business afloat. His day is made worse by the announcement of a new Captain America being introduced. We got a small glimpse of The Falcon’s anger before the credits rolled. Sadly, no post credits scene today!

Overall, I’d rate the episode a solid 8/10, with the only complaint that Falcon’s scenes about his family’s business and visiting the bank were a bit bland. It could’ve been separated into two episodes, however I can understand why they might’ve done this due to the limited number of episodes…

Now, we come onto my favourite bit of breaking these episodes down – the theories and predictions! Being the main focus of the debut episode, Sam’s family business was going down a hole, his sister was struggling to keep it alive without Sam to help her throughout the five years he was snapped. I think there is more than what meets the eye regarding Falcon’s storyline. The theory that I came across on The Guardian, was aimed at racism, which once reevaluating the way Sam was treated with the shield, and at the bank, (he’s a superhero for Christ’s sake) I can definitely understand it. I think we’ll see this theme and topic play out a lot more, as Sam will have to battle more than mere enemies to become Captain America.

Torres, who’s first name is not revealed as of yet – is The Falcon’s military colleague, who is investigating the Flag Smashers, and brings it to Sam’s attention after their successful rescue op. Now, considering the relationship between the two, Torres is more than likely to feature a lot more. I believe this could be Joaquin Torres who becomes the new Falcon in the Marvel comics, after Sam vacates the position to become Captain America. I seriously hope it’s true!

With Bucky, he seems a bit down on his luck, after all his friend abandoned him to live with the love of his life (selfish to be honest). So when he’s sitting inside the restaurant on his date with the girl who works there, the comical moment between him and a Maneki-Neko cat, where he stops the paw from moving could be symbolism. The cat is after all meant to bring good luck, not to mention that the cat was left handed, so it could mean that Bucky’s luck is about to change.

The announcement of the Captain America was a shock to me. Mainly because I thought if that were to happen, it wouldn’t be so quick. However, as I mentioned earlier something was fishy with the proceedings, whilst it could’ve been clear racism in the government’s wish to not have a black superhero as the face of their country, I have another theory. Though we couldn’t see much of the masked robber in Switzerland due to the mask he was wearing, the similarities between him and the new Captain America’s stature was surprisingly striking. At first, I thought Zemo was up to no good, but as clever as he was, I don’t think he was superhero serum creating smart. So my theory is that the new Captain is also the robber in Switzerland, working for the Flag Smashers, which could be another name for Hydra. After all, cut off one head, and another shall take it’s place.

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