Can Creed 3 Save The Rocky Series?

With another Creed movie due to start production later this year, the question posed is: how many is too many?

For the record, I love the Rocky series and I couldn’t have been happier when Creed brought the saga back to life in 2015. The sequel however, failed to live up to my expectations, with it’s predictable plot and poor details that any boxing fan could disagree with. It left me feeling unfulfilled, like I wasn’t ready to see the saga I had grown to love go out like this. However, I also didn’t want to see a potentially worse ending, as everything between Balboa and his son seemed to clear up, signalling that everyone could move on with their lives.

Rocky doesn’t need another feature in my eyes, but a spin-off series is something I could agree with. Cobra Kai, the spin-off of the iconic Karate Kid is set thirty years on from the events of the first movie, and it has grown in popularity where it opted for episodes instead of making it’s way to the cinemas. Why this approach hasn’t been adopted in the Rocky series yet is unclear, but it would be in their best interests.

Stallone is choosing to continue with Creed 3 as a movie, and from what I understand it is being eyed up for a release on Thanksgiving weekend next year. Michael B. Jordan, who reprised the role of Adonis Creed in the latest release, will also be making his directional debut. Having followed Jordan’s career since ‘The Chronicle’ days, I look forward to seeing that change and how it works. His commitment on-screen is one of the best I’ve witnessed in recent years, and in my opinion, is a seriously underrated actor. Annoyingly, this is potentially the best news of Creed 3’s return, because…

Clubber Lang’s son may be in other corner, and Deontay Wilder may be cast as him. I mean seriously, what the hell. There probably is some truth to this as well, after everything that was rumoured about Creed 2 seemed to come to fruition, despite the backlash from the franchise’s fans on social media. However with this comes the problem that ruined Creed 2 for me – Michael B. Jordan/Adonis Creed is not a heavyweight. Why they decided to take him from the natural fit of light-heavyweight in the first movie, to the 200lbs+ division, without a mere mention of the change is beyond me. That irritated me, and whilst I can understand that’s very punctilious of me, we need to remember that Sylvester Stallone has been making boxing movies for forty years, he should’ve spotted that mess.

I don’t have high hopes for Creed 3, but as a boxing and Rocky fan, I will despite the bad signs, be making the trip to the cinema next year. Creed 3 has the opportunity to save the Rocky series, but I don’t know if it has the potential from what we’ve heard so far.

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