Justice For Chocolatito

After turning in an atrocious 117-111 scorecard in favour of Juan Francisco Estrada, Carlos Sucre has been temporarily suspended by the WBA. Hopefully, this is the start of harsher punishments on judging that the sport needs.

At the weekend, Juan Francisco Estrada avenged his defeat to Roman Gonzalez via split decision. It was a close fight – however I and many other boxing journalists feel that Estrada was rather lucky to come away with the win. Whilst some have rewatched the fight, I simply don’t have time, but there’s a comfort I can find in having the same view as others. I scored, the fight 117-112 to Roman Gonzalez, which includes a round I simply couldn’t separate the two. There could have very well been a couple more like that, so a draw I would’ve been okay with, but seven rounds to the Mexican was harsh to his counterpart known as ‘Chocolatito’.

Thankfully, some action has been taken since the dust settled. One of the sanctioning bodies involved in the fight decided to temporarily suspend Carlos Sucre for his scorecard, which is a rare sight in boxing. Often we get a wild scorecard like Adelaide Byrd’s 118-110 for Canelo in the first fight against Golovkin, or simply a home fighter being favoured. It usually looks like the card was filled in before the fight. However, action is never taken and especially here in the UK, it has become a running joke as of late.

I suspect Sucre is just being given a slap on the wrist, but in the hope that it will stop judges who know how to score a fight, stop pretending like they don’t know how to score a fight. Making an example of him, would have a much better effect on the continual problem of scoring, but we often see these decisions and hearings go the opposite way than what we expect. Hopefully, the other organisations and sanctioning bodies follow suit with Sucre’s suspension, and it doesn’t become another Adelaide Byrd joke on my Twitter timeline.

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