The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Preview

On Friday, fans of the MCU will have another reason to rejoice as ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ hits Disney+ worldwide. Just two weeks on from WandaVision’s climatic ending, it’s been decided that the new series has some very big shoes to fill, both figuratively and literally.

The last time we saw both Falcon and Winter Soldier was in Avengers: Endgame, when Captain Steve Rogers passed on the iconic vibranium shield to Sam, in order to carry on the legacy of Captain America. Now Sam, or Falcon is having doubts about himself carrying the shield and states that it “feels like it belongs to someone else”. Thankfully, he’s being supported by comedic partner Bucky, as they gear up for a new adventure.

The two certainly work well together on screen, as we saw in Captain America: Civil War, which gave us some chuckling moments. It’s expected that we’ll get a lot more of this, as well as a much needed development of the relationship between the two characters.

It’s been confirmed that Zemo, who was the main antagonist in Civil War will make his return in a similar role as before to continue his evil plot of destroying the Avengers. Simply put, they can’t catch a break can they? However, I for one was left a little confused with this information, due to the high security measures that Zemo was left in at the end of Civil War.

My theory is that the snap (I refuse to call it the blip still) managed to eradicate all of the security guards, leaving Zemo alone with nothing but time, or potentially during a lunch break? It personally feels a little bit like unnecessary character recycling to me, but the passion and motive behind the character was an interesting dynamic to have for a so-called villain. It’s also the perfect time to strike, as Captain Marvel and Thor are off World, Stark and Rogers are dead and gone like T.I., and Wanda was busy taking an entire town hostage. The balance in strength makes a good case for Zemo to have some success against the duo of Sam and Bucky, and should prove to bring out the best in both of them.

With the Avengers disbanded at the moment, leadership is currently vacant. Whilst Hulk seems like the next logical choice, after clearing up his anger issues and becoming Smart Hulk, its still unclear how his mental state is after losing his long-time crush Natasha Romanoff in Avengers: Endgame. Hawkeye is technically retired, and needs some well-deserved family time, and Wanda (when she does return) is definitely not mentally stable enough right now. It could be that the leadership of the Avengers now falls to our mismatched duo, which will be a surprising entry to the MCU’s Phase 4. I expect to touch more on that as the series goes on, but for now, let’s see how Episode One unfolds and see what we can take from it.

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