Juan Francisco Estrada vs Roman Gonzalez 2 Preview & Prediction

Two posts in one day? Who is this guy? Tonight will feature two of the best fighters in the world putting their World titles on the line for super flyweight supremacy. Juan Francisco Estrada vs Roman Gonzalez 2 is a fascinating fight for the WBA/WBC World titles and takes place in Dallas.

Eight years on from their first bout, Estrada and Gonzalez are ready to run it back. The first fight was a spectacle of a Mexican rookie facing an experienced World champion in a back-and-forth action fight. The two showed contrasting styles and technical ability which made for easy watching. The Mexican was making his first attempt at a World title, being just 22-years-old at the time and could hold his head high in defeat.

The upper hand switched throughout, in a fight where Gonzalez thrashed forward, closing the distance against his Mexican counterpart. Blood was drawn on the face of Estrada, which encouraged him to rally back, chopping away at the body of Chocolatito. However, the effort was not enough and the night belonged to the Nicaraguan.

Now, we find ourselves in a different position where Gonzalez may be on the slide, and Estrada is certainly in his peak. Will the now much improved version of Estrada be too much for the legend that is Chocolatito? My guess is yes, although I give that pick without any confidence that it could go either way. The question posed is how much does Gonzalez have left? I believe the WBA World champion will give us another enthralling contest with Estrada tonight, no doubt, but the tough as nails Mexican has come a long way since their first encounter in 2012.

He’s just getting better and better with each fight, which I can’t say the same for Gonzalez, who is now 33-years-old. His body will struggle to keep up with the pace that Estrada will set, and body shots will start to take their toll on the Nicaraguan as the fight wanes on, with a knockdown somewhere in the latter stage of the fight. The bookies’ favourite Estrada will solidify his position as the World’s best at 115lbs by the early hours of Sunday morning with a unanimous decision victory (5/4*) over a living legend.

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*Price is from SkyBet.

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