Making a Comeback

At this point, I’m honestly struggling to find something to talk about besides Harry and Meghan, or everything else that is being covered by the mainstream media. It’s difficult to turn your attention away from it all, but if you’re like me and have made the most of lockdown playing video games all day long, then you know how simple it can be to switch off, or rather switch on.

I play a variety of video games nowadays compared to the routine of Call of Duty after school, that I religiously stuck to up to my university days. I always wanted to be involved in some way with gaming, at first to be a designer, until I realised how incredibly complex that is. Then I reverted back to content, which I had always kept my hand in but I really wanted to pursue it. Sadly, I never really got the support that I wanted when I needed it. I hoped that I could one day gain a mass following from the countless YouTube videos I had made of myself playing a first-person shooter, but now we’re here without an upload for a good four years – my longest absence from YouTube since I started uploading to the video sharing site in 2008.

It might be time to bring it back, but what it will be I’m not too sure. The problem that I’ve always found is sticking to a niche, much like this blog. There’s so many things out there to talk about and I find it simply impossible to stick to just one. I want to talk about shoes as well as video games, or somehow manage to pretend like I know a thing or two about wine. It’s been the most difficult thing for myself as a content creator to accept – choosing.

So I’m happy to announce here that me and my good friend Care, will be producing some new and exciting stuff, which will be a part of 2firs branching out. Keep an eye on my YouTube channel, feel free to subscribe, if you like, but watch the space regardless. I’ll need to upgrade some of my equipment/buy because lack of, but I’m hoping to make it as good as possible and as regular as I can. Hopefully this will help me stay away from writing about the Royals.

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Published by Chandler Waller

24-year-old boxing writer and blogger. Putting my thoughts out there daily. Check out fight for my interviews.

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