Will Austin Williams vs Anthony Fowler Happen This Year?

Ahead of his biggest step up as a pro on Saturday night, American up-and-comer Austin Williams (7-0, 6 KOs) is banging the drum for a potential clash with England’s Anthony Fowler (13-1, 10 KOs).

Having originally traded their words over social media last year, ‘Ammo’ resparked the fire in their young rivalry earlier this week, by insisting that he would stop the former Olympian. Eddie Hearn, who promotes both fighters originally said that it is a fight that would be explored in 2021, most likely on the back end. The logistics of both men fighting however, still remains a separate issue.

Fowler has spoken about his wishes to not stick around the domestic level for long, and hopes to move on to European and World honours sooner, rather than later. Williams, who has looked impressive thus far in his young career, has yet to be in his first acid test – which will be on this Saturday’s Estrada-Chocolatito 2 undercard against Denis Douglin (22-7, 14 KOs). Douglin also known as ‘Momma’s Boy’ is a solid gatekeeper and was the main sparring partner for Chris Eubank Jr in his preparation for James DeGale. If Douglin were a little more active and had some momentum, it could’ve been the case of too much too soon for Ammo, but I doubt that will be the case this weekend.

Anthony Fowler takes on Jorge Fortea (21-2-1, 7 KOs) next weekend on the Okolie-Glowacki bill, in what will be his third fight under the guidance of Shane McGuigan. Fowler is clearly the A-side in this bout, but it should prove interesting to see how McGuigan and Fowler are developing as a pair, after Fowler’s most recent performance to stop Adam Harper last year showed some improvements.

With both Williams and Fowler fighting only a week apart, could we see this fight as soon as May or June? I’d like to think so, but I expect the fight will wait until crowds return in the UK later this year. There is also the difference in pro experience between the two, Fowler has been the ten round distance three times, yet Williams is about to fight in his first eight rounder. One more fight, mainly for Williams, but potentially both on the same bill to maximise interest would return dividends for promotion.

I don’t see the weight as an issue to this fight, Fowler fights at 154lbs, whilst Williams is campaigning at 160lbs, but the former is big for the weight and has been successful the few times he’s been above the super-welterweight limit. It does make the experience levels interesting though, will the extra weight on Fowler benefit him or the American?

Regardless of the obstacles that each have to overcome, if Fowler cannot secure fights with Ted Cheeseman or a rematch with Scott Fitzgerald, then fighting ‘Ammo’ makes perfect sense. Same for Williams, if he’s not getting the right step up – providing everything goes well against Douglas, then ‘The Machine’ would be an ideal acid test for the promising American talent.

‘Ammo’ and ‘The Machine’ needs to happen by the end of this year.

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