Paul’s Pricey PPV

I’m a simple man, I see a fight I like – I buy it. Pay Per View allows for some of the biggest fights in boxing to happen, and because of that I’m usually happy to part ways with my money. After all, no arguing will ever really change the decision made. There is always however, criticism for those fights which don’t deserve PPV, and you know the ones that I mean. Jake Paul’s upcoming fight with retired UFC fighter Ben Askren is one of those.

Although the fight intrigues me on a stylistic standpoint – Askren being not much of a striker and Paul is heavy handed, but still inexperienced. I would’ve tuned in to see another standard quality fight, in my eyes. However, being the social media star that Jake Paul is, big money has to be involved in order for him to enter the ring. So today, I had my eyes opened at the advertised £22.99 price point on FiteTV. Of course, it’s not as bad as what I expect, rather than know, what it will cost in the states.

It begs the question if Jake Paul is worthy of being a PPV star in the sport? I like the dedication that he’s given so far by training with professionals and like a professional, but the opposition he is currently facing should reflect the price that fans pay, as it is with every other boxer on the planet. It’s not necessarily being on PPV that I disagree with, I wouldn’t mind it at a lower price point, maybe £10 with a good undercard, but £23 would make it one of the most expensive boxing matches in recent years. It’s rare to see a PPV cost £25, and this is only ever for the biggest fights i.e. Wilder-Fury 2, so is Jake Paul worth £23? Is he fuck.

Despite what his pulling power may be, the opposition has to reflect the price. Of course, as I mentioned before, no arguing will ever change it.

Published by Chandler Waller

24-year-old boxing writer and blogger. Putting my thoughts out there daily. Check out fight for my interviews.

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