Mind Games or Cause For Concern?

At the weekend, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez cleared the way for a three-belt unification clash with WBO champion Billy Joe Saunders. It’s a fight which has been mentioned for a few years now, and boxing fans can rejoice that they will finally meet in the ring. However, as time has passed many have seen the chances of a Saunders win diminish, with Canelo the clear favourite ahead of their May 8th collision.

The WBO World champion hasn’t delivered since his outstanding performance against David Lemieux, which was in 2017… It’s difficult to say Saunders is all wrong for Canelo, which might’ve been true a few years ago, although the Mexican star has continued to evolve his game and looks unstoppable, as he continues his journey to become undisputed champion. If Saunders had the resume to compete with Canelo, then I think the fight would be much closer than it is advertised as being.

Now for the even worse news. Billy Joe Saunders posted a picture on his Instagram story which I turned my head at, wide eyed when focusing on it. Just have a look at this shit.

If true, the two-weight World champion from Herefordshire will need to lose close to three stone in nine weeks. This isn’t the first time he has managed to shed a large amount of weight off, Saunders is notoriously known for ballooning up in weight when inactive but, doing so whilst waiting for the biggest fight of your career is seriously unprofessional. I didn’t give Saunders much of a chance before seeing this, but if it is true I definitely don’t give him a chance in hell to defeat the pound-for-pound best boxer in the World.

Which brings me onto my next point – is it true? Could this all be the start of mind games from Team Saunders? Speaking to my personal trainer friend, it would be extremely detrimental to Saunders to lose this weight. Crash dieting to get himself to the 168lbs limit would involve him not getting the nutrients he needs. By reducing his calorie intake to reach aforementioned weight, he’ll burn through his stores too fast and then his body would deteriorate muscle to try and get energy. Which of course, also means he would have no energy to get up, let alone train. So unlikely to be true? I think so, I know he likes to play the prankster from what I’ve seen and heard. It’s something which gets people talking and will likely believe, as he has the proven track record. However, is it to throw Canelo off, somehow making its way there? I don’t believe it will, and even still I don’t think Canelo and Reynoso will underestimate Saunders in the slightest. They’re a team which is tried and tested to consistently deliver success. I don’t see that partnership losing for some time.

However I have no doubt Saunders will try his absolute best to wind up the Mexican. Hopefully the build up will be good and Saunders will give a good effort when Cinco De Mayo rolls around.

Published by Chandler Waller

24-year-old boxing writer and blogger. Putting my thoughts out there daily. Check out fight post.co.uk for my interviews.

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