Dubois to Tibbs?

Not quite the boxing headline I expected to read today, although I understand completely. Former British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion Daniel Dubois has apparently left trainer Martin Bowers and teamed up with Mark Tibbs.

Maybe it had been my lack of concentration on boxing, as I don’t need to follow the sport anymore – I’ve found it refreshing to keep my eye off the ball. News seems surprising now, staying out of touch actually wants me to read articles again.

So from my point of view, the Dubois talk had simmered down considerably since his high-profile KO defeat to Joe Joyce in November. Joyce has been mentioned in a WBO Interim title bout with Oleksandr Usyk since the victory, a highly anticipated heavyweight clash in 2021. Dubois looked like one of Britain’s best heavyweight prospects until his first defeat, and he may well still be. It’s how he comes back from that defeat is what will tell the future of DDD’s career.

Many called Dubois a quitter on that dramatic night in November, after taking a knee in the tenth round until counted out. His eye, a real mess and was proving a difficult injury to deal with as the fight wore on. I was proud he saved himself for another day, at twenty three years old there is no need to go out on your shield and potentially make an injury life threatening. Views differ and I guess the mentality of Dubois has really been tested. The issue I had was why weren’t the corner throwing in the towel?

We all know the pressure that is put on fighters, to not give an inch to their opponent, physically and mentally. I would’ve rather seen the corner take the blame that night than the onslaught on social media I saw over the next 24 hours. I’m not sure if I expected a change of trainers, if indeed true as I viewed the relationship between Dubois and Bowers to be quite special. However I’m happy that Dubois feels the need to make a change in his team, as I mentioned his age before – the guy is incredibly young and deserves to make the right choices for his career.

Mark Tibbs is well known as a trainer for his recent efforts with Billy Joe Saunders and Dillian Whyte. The latter being most impressive as Whyte was lauded as one of the most improved heavyweights in Britain. So it’s safe to say Tibbs knows how to take someone’s raw attributes and imrpove them. He’s also been in the game for a while and no doubt has a wealth of experience to unload on the 15-1 heavyweight. There’s also Johnny Fisher who trains under Tibbs’ wing, a heavyweight from Romford due to make his debut on the 20th February. It guarantees that Dubois will always have a sparring partner in camp, as the difficulties have arisen from COVID-19.

If true, I like this move from Dubois. It’s mature and makes sense, I hope he comes back firing on all cylinders as we await his return.

Published by Chandler Waller

24-year-old boxing writer and blogger. Putting my thoughts out there daily. Check out fight post.co.uk for my interviews.

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