Win Some, Lose Some

The euphoria of winning a friend a pretty penny every now and then is always unexpected. I loved the adrenaline rush of myself placing a bet on a sporting event, until it became too much. I made the decision to stop betting after realising it was getting slightly out of hand. It was an interesting, realising that not everything revolved around money as we usually think it does. My days during the week were no longer anticipating the in-play odds, or looking for value in the weekend’s action. In a way it was a sense of fulfilment, the money in my account started to reappear in small dribs and drabs.

I doubt I’ll ever admit I was an addict, it just seems too strong a word. My friends had suffered with gambling addictions and their stories were not pleasant. I was never fixated on it like the way they tell me they were, I just had a keen interest in it and loved the thrill that it gave.

Old habits die hard, as they say. Not that I’m wasting my income on betting sites, but I guess the boredom of Lockdown 3.0 got to me. I’ve done this here and there whilst making my friends some money and I thought nothing of it. The problem was predicting the outcome time and again – realising I should’ve placed a bet. It’s like an itch I can’t get rid of, the similar feeling I have now to not investing in stocks before they get a sudden bull in price.

It was much to my amazement that my best friend suggested I start a betting tipster page. The biased opinion of earning around £100 in a little over a week, for him that was something significant, it was mildly ironic. He was the person who I asked to stop me from betting, turning to him having realised I simply couldn’t afford to do this anymore, since leaving my salaried position. Money has been tight for the past few months, I won’t lie but lots of people are in the same boat so I don’t dwell on that thought process.

My ex-boss was also a big gambler. Before and during my time working with him, he’d tell me about the money he’d lose occasionally on betting, looking for the value in his picks. I’d grown up with a very money conscious mother, so the money he was placing shocked me at the time. I was used to my little bets of a few bob, just participating because it was fun and exciting. This was before I started getting decent returns and saw the opportunities that beating the bookies provided me with. Car insurance paid for the year, credit card debts seemed to vanish and my savings account never looked healthier. 2019 overall in betting terms, was a bloody good year.

So now I’m curious whether to start this betting tipster thing, I’m by no means an expert on betting, but when I see the value on a sure bet, I know it’s worth sticking a few quid on. After all it’s just another opinion and not all betting tipsters get it right all the time, which is why I don’t understand why they charge. Nothing can go wrong with my free tips every now and then. So, what do you think – should I do it?

Published by Chandler Waller

24-year-old boxing writer and blogger. Putting my thoughts out there daily. Check out fight for my interviews.

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