Do The Fans Win or Lose?

I’ve often found that when writing this blog, I should have a level of professionalism. It is after about 30 seconds of considering rewriting/harsh edits that I decide – fuck it. It’s an attitude which has grown on me in my twenties, learning to live a bit more freely and simply not giving a rat’s ass. It’s the same way how I feel when it comes to boxing, or more specifically the fights we get and the ones we don’t.

I couldn’t be more delighted seeing the reports of Canelo-Saunders & Taylor-Ramirez as done deals for May. They’re two extremely intriguing matchups which prove that the best can fight the best, despite the long wait for Spence-Crawford and so many others. The truth is that, when fights like this pop up, you have to get excited, not much point sitting around moaning all the time is there?

Now the rumours that these two brilliant bouts will take place on May 8th seem to be true… Although nothing is known to the public until it is officially confirmed, and Canelo still has the tough test of Avni Yildirim to get past… They will take place on separate networks, Canelo-Saunders on DAZN and Taylor-Ramirez on ESPN+ (BT Sport in the UK I’d imagine). Now this tends to get a lot of boxing fans in a bit of a tizzy, or as I like to say their knickers in a twist. I get the whole paying for separate network subscriptions and sometimes separate PPVs – that can be a pain in the arse. No one likes shelling out their hard earned money for anything really, we’d all love free boxing but for some reason it just won’t happen.

May 8th is Cinco De Mayo weekend, one of boxing’s biggest holidays. In recent years, Canelo Alvarez has been the one to ‘own’ that weekend. Jose Ramirez, the unified WBC/WBO World champion is proud of his Mexican heritage as well, and to headline a show on that weekend has no doubt been a dream of his. So who are we to stop him? I wish the networks would come up with sort of deal where maybe both can broadcast both fights, but that seems extremely unlikely. It’s business at the end of the day, something that I seem to understand more as my so-called ‘boxing journalism career’ continues.

Does this mean I’ll be favouring one and not the other? Not necessarily – I’ll just get two screens and watch both – sorted. I did the same for shows on Halloween and it turned out well. We’re used to this clashing of rival promoter’s shows by now, it happens more than we’d like but an inconvenience? Hardly. I like both fights and I will be watching both fights. It’s difficult to believe that even in a pandemic, 2021 has given us these two brilliant unifications and we still find a way to moan. Boxing wins this time, stop crying boxing fans. This is just like people not understanding how to use a VPN to watch foreign shows… Ooops, I said too much.

Published by Chandler Waller

24-year-old boxing writer and blogger. Putting my thoughts out there daily. Check out fight for my interviews.

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