Is ‘WandaVision’ Too Slow?

I think moving forward, I’ll be taking Sundays off as my non-writing day. I do like the idea of writing a blog post every single day but my usual habits of either staying up late for the boxing or drinking excessively (sometimes both) leave me a bit washed for the next day. There’s also the obstacle of writing for a new platform, which I mentioned in a recent boxing piece, I’m really excited to share it when the time comes, but, finding the motivation and time to do these things quickly, is tricky.

I’ve been keeping in good contact with a work friend from Wetherspoons – which from now on, I’ll shorten to Spoons. We both have a high interest in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and whilst we plowed through everything available on Disney+ in Lockdown 2.0/Christmas, our anticipation for WandaVision was constantly increasing. The show has aired four episodes now, with the latest being by far the best. Something that we had discussed upon both of our viewings, was that episode four’s pace shot up and brought everything together. The most exciting thing about this series is that it constantly has us asking questions; where are they? Why is it in black and white? HOW IS VISION ALIVE? So it was nice to see in episode four that we get a perspective that wasn’t from the main characters, and also Detective Woo of all people? Hell yeah I live for that Online Close-up Magic graduate!

Anyway, the reason being for my writing this is because of an article my friend shared about the series, titled ‘WandaVision’ Isn’t Too Slow, Everyone Forgot How to Watch TV’. I tend to be really picky about the things I decide to read online, but as this reached out to me based on the original thoughts I had of the series I decided to give it a read. You see, I am always recommending people to watch WandaVision since it came out, and especially after episode four I will be doing this more. The thing that I always have to point out is that it takes a while to get into it and it does feel slow.

What was pointed out in the article was how we’ve been spoiled by “binge-able Netflix series like Daredevil and Punisher” and I couldn’t agree more. We want everything on demand straight away, it is a problem that has continued to manifest in the online world that we live in today. Would I have enjoyed Prison Break or Breaking Bad as much as I did, if I had to wait every week for a new episode? Likewise would other brilliant series have had as much success if you didn’t have to wait a week?

The reality is, there’s a time and place for binge-watching and I miss the reality of waiting for another episode rather than spending every god damn day in front of a screen. The joy I now get from waiting a week for a new episode of WandaVision and Snowpiercer, is far greater than I will get from watching everything in one go. It keeps conversations alive and current, I don’t want to say to someone I’ve watched a series and I liked it and that be it. How long did the hype of Tiger King last? A month at best? I want something new every week to speak to someone about, maybe it’s just lockdown… But still!

In the aforementioned article the action-packed two hour movies that Marvel fans are used to, was a big talking point. On some level, everyone tuning into WandaVision was expecting that same thrill from Tony Stark saving the world with a snap of his fingers. However, sometimes change is good, and WandaVision is benefitting from the 30 minutes a week airtime. Rather than seeing some ass-kicking superheroes flaunt their powers, we’re left with questions and mysteries, and having to use our brains to figure out what is happening.

It’s a change of pace from the usual MCU movie, but too slow? I guess not. Maybe we did just forget how to watch TV.

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24-year-old boxing writer and blogger. Putting my thoughts out there daily. Check out fight for my interviews.

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