The Stigma of Ghosting

I think it’s fair to say that a majority of my PS4 party chats will end up being the topics of conversation on this blog. Just recently, I brought up the possibility of ghosting a girl I was speaking to, not that I was worried about it, after all we’re in a pandemic so dating is the least of my worries. Ghosting is when you avoid someone you’re dating, in today’s society this is easily done through any Instant Messaging service by simply not replying/reading the message. My curiosity aroused to the pattern of girls I was speaking to who did not ghost, forcing me to be the one to inevitably not reply.

I don’t know if it’s just smart tactics from the female species, or a chance of luck of speaking to people with the same intentions. I believe I’ve grown somewhat to not put myself in the position of being a ghoster and therefore like the competitive arsehole I am, will continue to reply. This is my game and you will not beat me at it.

I guess the question that I have for every female out there is do you have something against ghosting? I realise that is an extreme generalisation but I’m just curious. Could it be past experiences that stop you from the stigma of ghosting? Be polite by all means, the truth of it is: nine times out ten, we don’t care. The one time being when we have somewhat developed feelings, which is a completely different scenario to the talking stage.

On a personal note, I’ve only rediscovered my feelings and emotions after being in a down place for such a long time. It was, as I told a friend earlier today the best and worst thing that could happen to me. Maybe it is why this post is being written without as much care for an audience as I usually would, that small part of my past still clinging on. Or maybe I’ve finally gone nuts after three lockdowns.

I found it unusual and strangely convenient to happen multiple times. To be the one who must reply last, to stretch out my replies till once a day, to play it cool. There were times when I gave in, letting myself become the ghoster simply because it seemed like it would never end if I did, and you end up in some shite conversation every other day.

Ghosting has become so normalised, yet gained such a bad reputation. It’s time to just understand it for what it is. Not everyone is compatible, not everyone is looking for the same things. Ghosting is the easy way out, don’t be a moron and do this for someone who clearly has feelings for you but it’s acceptable. At the end of the day, life’s easy, we all just make it hard.

Published by Chandler Waller

24-year-old boxing writer and blogger. Putting my thoughts out there daily. Check out fight for my interviews.

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