The Wine Apprentice

First thing’s first, just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who messaged after yesterday’s post, even though I would’ve replied to you on whatever social media platform. It’s just nice to know that my new adventure is full of support.

The one thing which I did mention is the potential of working at winery when I inevitably go to Australia. Working with wine has made me come to appreciate it a little more, and whilst I’m still developing a passion for it as well as my education on the subject, the potential of that new career path is exciting. Mental to think that three months ago I thought Rioja was a type of wine rather than a region.

I’d never looked at alcohol in general as any other way than ‘how drunk will this get me?’ So when I had to develop some sort of knowledge about wine, it struck me that there was a lot more to it than simply growing some grapes. The same with whiskies, which was meant to be my level of expertise but I had never really spoken about them other than general mixers to try with the bottles you’ll find in your local Wetherspoons.

I’ve started to pick apart the countries, and recognise the wineries in which a particular bottle is made. Trying them has also been a fair bit of fun but I’m still not quite there with giving a detailed explanation, as I see most wine enthusiasts do.

It’s something that I hope can only be improved by venturing to Australia and seeing how wine is really made. That is after all, what every wine head is telling me I should do. Maybe I’ll be able to introduce a vlog when the time comes, it is something I’d do now, but I seriously doubt anyone wants to watch me binge watching Disney Plus as part of their daily routine.

Gotta love lockdown, eh?

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