Another day, another blog

Not too sure what I’m doing here to be honest. At the moment, everything just feels a little surreal and for some reason the idea of starting a new blog popped into my head.

I had to cancel my 2firs website due to money issues but I never write on there anyway, it had gotten to the point where everything being uploaded there just didn’t fit. I was still trying to stick to my roots of boxing writing whilst bringing it to a platform that wasn’t suited for that specific content. It looked messy and my god, do I hate mess. Although the state of my mum’s house would tell you otherwise, we have this agreement where we both decide not to tidy up the common areas and moan at each other until one of us decides to do it. That’s what writing on 2firs felt like – arguing with myself that it was too messy, it wasn’t structured and it needed to stop.

I needed somewhere to release all the random chunks of writing that I just wanted to get out there, without risking the so-called reputation of something. So here we go… My name is Chandler, I’m a somewhat ‘failed’ 24-year-old boxing journalist who decided to leave his job in the coronavirus pandemic. I’m sure there will be a time when I decide to write about that in detail but the short of it was I wasn’t good enough.

I know if I’m going to take a career seriously as a writer then I need to practice. The problem is, if you have a bad experience you don’t really know whether to dust yourself off and try again or continue down a different avenue. I’ve always been someone to constantly change their mind about what they want – career, relationships, university degree but being a writer is something that deep down I’ve always wanted to be.

So, I guess we’re giving it another crack. Whether it be boxing, fashion or god help us the daily happenings of lockdown life. Either way, I’ll be here from now on, posting when I can without a care of professionalism.

Enjoy the mess,


Published by Chandler Waller

24-year-old boxing writer and blogger. Putting my thoughts out there daily. Check out fight for my interviews.

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